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well, we moved. yes we did.

Feb. 18th, 2007 | 11:11 pm

over two weeks ago.
charleston is amazing.

i work at an amazing restaurant called five loaves café as a line cook. it's my favorite place to eat. lynn is a bicycle delivery boy for an indian restaurant down the street until he can find a full time job. we're getting through life, despite the fact that during the move we racked up about 700 bucks on the credit card and got royally fucked over in decatur.

which i'll openly talk about for the first time right now.

it started when danny moved in with us. lilith got pissed off and found a new place. we were glad to see her go, since we had no idea that things would be worse after that than we'd ever imagined.
danny destroyed the apartment. burned holes through the carpet, left vomit everywhere and hid it so that it molded and ate at the floors. spit phlegm all over the walls and smeared peanut butter and susan's eyeliner everywhere (ebby helped with these as well, because wreaking havoc on an apartment is AWESOME as long as your name isn't on the lease), had beer fights with ebby which resulted in the place smelling like a giant bottle of icehouse that had been up danny's ass. danny spilled ice cream down the back of my computer and claimed to have cleaned it up but hadn't, which lead to a huge, HUGE roach infestation INSIDE my computer, speakers, subwoofer... basically, the only things of value i own. he then proceeded to move out, not return his key and come back one night to the empty apartment (we were living with susan at the time) and take a shit on my pillow. yes, ladies and gentlemen. it was so awful for me to, after the above listed things, tell him to move out that he took a dump on my pillow. cool.

after danny, we had these two guys named joey and trevor move in. joey seemed nice enough... responsible and kind. at this point, he owes me six hundred dollars of which i know i'll never see one cent. instead of keeping the apartment orderly and paid for after i left, which he PROMISED to do, he left it trashed and moved out, refusing to pay the rent. he fucked me over after promising.

trevor lied to us from the getgo... about his age, his family, his residence, his jobs... we found out after he moved in that he was an unemployed sixteen year old with absolutely no money. so that was great. he dipped out too, so now lynn and i are desperately searching for a way to pay off the rent by the end of this month so that the lease will be over and i'll only have to pay for damages. i'm expecting roughly a thousand in those. awesome.

our new apartment is righteous. it's tiny, but cute. carnage gets her own room. it's only 575 a month, which we'll be able to pull off easily and still have time for school and everything else. our neighbors are awesome and we live in the perfect part of town. honestly, if decatur fell off the map, we'd have a perfect life aside from the roaches that stowed away in the shit we brought with us.

they'll die with time, so will my fear of people in general. i'm so terrified of being fucked over again that i have no interest in making friends or meeting people, but i'm hoping that will fade. i want this new life to be a good one.

AND I ALSO WANT EVERYONE TO REALIZE WHAT KIND OF PERSON DANIEL BURDETTE MOLL IS. i don't care if he's danny bondage to you, i could give a fuck less. just know that he WILL use you, he WILL fuck you over and you WILL feel like an idiot afterwards.

it's so funny, i had to deal with so many crying girls at that apartment that he'd just leave sitting in his bedroom when he was done with them. i advised them to leave and not answer his calls, but they'd always come back. it's so stupid. i didn't even set myself up for it and he still managed to ruin my life. but fuck it. i'm getting over it and i'll be just fine.

i'm making this entry public for a reason, i want EVERYONE to see it, especially the people i'm calling out here for what they've done. we'll see.

so fuck georgia and fuck the people there. i'm done with it.

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