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things are always changing

it's so strange, isn't it?
last thing i posted was over a year ago. babbling about how i needed to grow up, how i had such great friends, how all i needed was a good roommate. how life could be so easy if i just changed myself.

lynn and i have lived in the same apartment since september first of last year, our third anniversary spent frantically moving our things into an unfinished home only to find the locks of our old place changed at midnight, a good bit of our things (dishes, cookware, furniture, records, clothes, stupid things we'd collected together) still locked inside and gone forever. we've dealt with a rotating cast of friends and roommates since then and it's been hard.
and certainly nothing i could imagine a year ago.
we moved in with a couple, a boy and a girl. an 18 year old girl with tons of tats and piercings, a girl who did nothing but drink all day, unemployed but with a trust fund and 25 mil in the bank so it was okay. bills would always be paid, things would be fine. boyfriend being a broke, broken down ex-vegan anarchist who did nothing but ride his bike, leave tortellini in the sink and get slapped around by his girlfriend.
one of our old, good friends from atlanta came to visit to try to kick a habit. liked charleston. stayed in the living room with a mattress and a trunk. started to fall for the girl.
girl accused boyfriend of trying to strangle her after a huge argument (they happened all the time) so we kicked him out.
our old friend moved into the girl's room, started dating, started getting slapped around. moved back to atlanta suddenly to be with his ex.
girl existed in a state of horrible apathy, staying up for days straight on adderall and drinking and playing video games, sleeping for 24 hours straight after drinking a bottle of nyquil, etc.
decided to move out.
we picked another winner to move in in her place, a guy we'd already lived with who already owed us 300 dollars.
we dealt with his abrasive personality and stupidity for a few months.
found out the girl he'd been dating for a year was fifteen (he was 22).
got a call from our old friend wanting to move back.
kicked the sleazeball out. old friend moved back in.

and that's been our state for a few weeks now.

most of the people we cared about have either moved out of state or just stopped finding us interesting.
but it's okay... because lynn and i are a better couple than we've ever been. it's amazing to be so in love with a person. it's the best thing i've ever felt in my life.

i probably miss all of you. feel free to drop me a line.
919 602 7792
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